Adrian Leggings

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The Adrian Leggings are made of soft stretchy 92% cotton / 8% spandex fabric gives a super fit, is long wearing, keeps it's shape and dyes fabulously - almost no different from 100% cotton. These roomier leggings fit adult women, as opposed to many other leggings out there that have a junior size range.  It has a crotch gusset for better fit and have a slightly low rise fit.

We use two to three colors per garment - choose of of our favorite color sets or contact us for a custom combination and we will produce as close as possible to your description as we can.

Remember, these are one-of-a-kind items that are dyed one-at-a-time - every piece is unique!

SIZES: (waist measurements show relaxed/stretched)
XS: 24/34" waist, 30" length, 22" inseam, 10" leg cuff
S: 27/37" waist, 31" length, 22" inseam, 11" leg cuff
M: 28/38" waist, 32" length, 22" inseam, 11" leg cuff
L: 30/40" waist, 32" length, 23" inseam, 11" leg cuff
XL: 32/42" waist, 33" length, 24" inseam, 11" leg cuff
2XL: 35/45” waist, 34” length, 24" inseam, 12" leg cuff
3XL: 39/49” waist, 34” length, 24" inseam, 15" leg cuff