Care & Feeding

Your corset comes with a 6-month craftsmanship warranty, but you have to take care of your garment as well!

Please read through the following to keep your corset in the best shape possible! If you do not follow these instructions and damage occurs as a result, your corset's warranty is void.

  • Hand wash, drip dry - Woolite and Febreze are ok!
  • DO NOT WEAR A BELT DIRECTLY ON YOUR CORSET. If you must wear a belt, be sure that you use a scarf or are using a very smooth-backed belt, else it may damage your corset. BELT DAMAGE TO YOUR CORSET IS NOT COVERED UNDER OUR WARRANTY.
  • DO NOT WEAR PINS ON YOUR CORSET. It weakens the fabric and increases the chances of tears or boning poking through. PIN DAMAGE TO YOUR CORSET IS NOT COVERED UNDER OUR WARRANTY.
  • ANY METAL ACCESSORY MUST HAVE A BARRIER BETWEEN THE FABRIC OF THE CORSET AND THE ACCESSORY. Chainmaile destroys fabric over time. One must protect any corset (not just a Casta Diva corset) from contact with metal.  Wear these accessories at your own risk. CHAINMAILLE/METAL ACCESSORY DAMAGE TO YOUR CORSET IS NOT COVERED UNDER OUR WARRANTY.
  • If your fabric does get torn, we suggest immediately get a hold of some Fray Check! Fray Check can be found at every fabric/craft store, Wal-mart, or online. Apply it as directed on the bottle to the torn edges of the fabric to prevent further tearing. Once the Fray Check is dry, use a black Sharpie or other permanent marker to color in the hole. Not all tears can be repaired.

NOTE: Due to the fact that our original fabric source Keystone Weaving went out of business in 2014 many of our patterns and colors are gone and cannot be reproduced. Our new source uses different color yarn while a close match, it is not spot on. Protect your investment, choose your accessories wisely, and take proper care of your garment. We have been in the industry for over 40 years.